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About Us

Wheathampstead Golf Course is a small family owned business opened in 1996 developed from the family farmland over several years. It was constructed in an eco-friendly manner with the planting of native trees and creating ponds which now attract all manner of wildlife. It was the brainchild of the late John Arnott who once farmed the land and lived in the adjacent farmhouse on Pipers Lane. A memorial plaque and three trees are located near the 6th green in his memory

It comprises of three par 3 and six par 4 holes totalling 1,888 yards and is an easy walk or a buggy ride if you like, which weather permitting is open 7 days a week, and is the ideal place for a relaxed golfing experience.

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Our Environment

Wheathampstead Golf Course is small and friendly  facility situated approximately 1.5 miles south west of Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire on 34 acres of land. It consists of 9 golf holes, an uncovered driving range and course buildings including a small Clubhouse containing a Golf Shop and Refreshment area, an office, and a course maintenance equipment area. The facility has extensive parking for customers and wide access from the public road. The course is laid out on the side of a hill which is south facing towards Down Green and Nomansland providing uninterrupted views of the lush Hertfordshire countryside and big skies. When the course was constructed it was done with a view towards conservation of the environment and retaining the potential for agricultural reversion should this ever be required. Since opening the course we have consciously endeavoured to keep the application of chemicals to an absolute minimum.

Our ponds have attracted such species as the great crested newt, frogs, toads and various water birds we even have our own resident ducks.

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We do encourage certain wildlife particularly birds by providing bird food, especially during the winter. However, the course itself attracts many species of birds including raptors such as Kestrels, Buzzards, Sparrow Hawks and the Peregrine Falcon which is a sure sign that there is thriving flora and fauna!  There are other rare visitors like the Ringed Ouzel below.

Or how about this cute little long tailed tit?

Bird in tree.jpg
Pheasant feeding in the snow.jpg

Like the ducks we now have a resident cock

pheasant who knows where he is well off

on a cold winter’s day! He's also very tame for a wild bird now that he's used to being around people on the course. Keep a look out for him when hitting your balls!

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